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Governor Yuan Jiajun visited Xinya for inspection and guidance
Source: | Author:Xinya Electronic | Published time: 2020-02-29 | 4504 Views | Share:

(picture: Chairman Zhao zhanbing (left) reports to governor Yuan Jiajun (right))

On the afternoon of February 26, 2020, governor Yuan Jiajun visited Xinya Electronics Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance during the investigation of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production in Wenzhou and Taizhou. Governor Yuan went deep into the workshop to inspect the production line and asked about the product characteristics of Xinya and the application fields of end customers. Chairman Zhao zhanbing briefed governor yuan on the basic situation of the company, focusing on the current return of employees, resumption of work and production, and the implementation of prevention and control measures.

In the epidemic prevention and control campaign, Xinya electronic paid close attention to the changes of the epidemic situation, kept in touch with customers and suppliers in due time, mastered the upstream and downstream dynamics of the industrial chain, did a good job in epidemic prevention and control with the strong support and help of Yueqing municipal government, and steadily promoted the resumption of work and production. The company produces high-quality fine electronic wires, which are widely used in home appliances, computers, intelligent office, industrial control, automotive electronics, data servers, new energy technology and other fields, especially high-frequency data wires, which are specially supplied to large data server manufacturers such as Inspur and Huawei through direct customers such as Amphenol. Before the resumption of work, the company's foreign backbone drove back to the factory first, made preparations for the commencement in advance, and other employees returned to their posts smoothly one after another. On the first day of resumption of work, the company immediately organized people to start the high-frequency production line first to ensure the line supply of national emergency epidemic prevention and control materials - Inspur data server at the first time, which was highly praised by customers. Under the situation that the epidemic prevention and control materials are very tight, the company urgently established a "nose bar" production line to timely alleviate the bottleneck of "nose bar" shortage of mask manufacturers, and made a positive contribution to the smooth production of masks. Xinya's resumption of work and production is orderly, with sufficient orders on hand, promoting "hard work with both hands" and striving to "win two wars".

Governor yuan was very satisfied with Xinya's achievements in production and operation and resumption of production. He encouraged Xinya to be full of confidence and make persistent efforts to continue to maintain the healthy and steady development of the enterprise!

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